bio-photoAmanda Ovington was born in Wollongong, Australia and moved to the small country town of Towamba (inland of Eden on the south east coast of New South Wales, Australia) at the age of 4 where she grew up.

During her childhood she embraced the quite country life something that helped her evolve a strong imagination that she would later express through art. In primary school she was given the first opportunity to give shape to her imagination by learning the basics of clay work and sculpture. As a teenager she attended the Eden Marine Technology High School where she continued her art lessons throughout the seven years of her attendance. Her two major sculpture pieces derived from this period. A clay sculpture named “the leaves of evolution” and the “pictures from my roof” for which she combined three different mediums clay, aerated concrete and soap stone.

For the next ten years Amanda had little or no interaction with her art as she pursued her studies and career in childcare teaching. After she completed her studies she went to Brisbane where she successfully managed a childcare centre. Her devotion and discipline for everything she does left her no free time in Brisbane to pursue her artistic calls.

It was not until she moved to Dubai, the fast evolving city of the United Arab Emirates, when her art Muses start once again to call. The new destinations she was exploring through her new profession in the major airline company of Dubai and the diversity of the cultures in a vibrant environment led Amanda to pursue her talent in a more professional way.

She joined Katerina Smolderyana’s sculpture group at the Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC) in February of 2009 and began to produce art during her free time. Katerina has greatly inspired Amanda’s artwork but at the same time gave her valuable advice in improving her sculptures structurally and aesthetically. But her biggest contribution was to awaken once again Amanda’s passion for art .

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